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03 Oct 2015
SMD Custom Embroidered Apparel

Custom SMD Embroidered Dri-Fit Apparel

We are currently updating our image with all new custom SMD embroidered Dri-Fit apparel from TKM Print Solutions. Whether meeting with a client or sitting track side at a NASCAR race, the SMD brand will be well represented.

Having  corporate logo apparel sets you apart in many ways from your competitors. Below are a few reasons why we believe that the SMD apparel project is so important.

SMD Polo

  1. It gives you an unconscious sense of attachment to the company. It also fosters a sense of pride within the organization.
  2. Bosses/Owners who wear the same corporate gear as hourly wage-earners create a sense of approach-ability for employees. The openness of decision-makers to feedback is a sign of a well-managed company.
  3. On site or on location, company apparel identifies your employees to the public. It is a visual sign of professionalism.
  4. Corporate wear allows the focus on expensive waredrobes to become a non-issue. If everyone is on the same level, there is less distraction in the fashion department. Unless you turn your jacket inside-out like Will Smith in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
  5. Additional garments such as custom embroidered pullovers & hats can be offered as rewards or to mark milestones.

SMD can help you design a professional corporate mark so you can improve your swag.


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